Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vezina Trophy Analysis - Luongo vs. Brodeur

I will be doing a series of posts breaking down the Vezina Trophy decision in detail. It is clear that either Luongo or Brodeur will win it, so I will focus only on those two goalies. This will allow for some detailed number-crunching that will hopefully provide a better perspective on which goalie is the most deserving of being named the best goaltender in the game.


Unknown said...

Brodeur won the 07 Vezina b/c he is the BEST goalie in the NHL. You can take your numbers and shove them up your 5 hole. Luongo may be more valuable to his crappy team, but that doesn't mean Marty isn't still the best in the league.

In about a decade from now, when Marty retires, he'll go down in history as the best goalie ever.

So don't cry too hard, you jackass.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. Roy is the obvious choice for 'the best goalie ever', I need only to say that 4 Stanley Cups and 3 Conn Smythes. Besides, those Montreal teams were pretty average teams. And Brodeur really has past it a long time ago; Kiprusoff, Luongo and Giguere are the best goalie these days.

Unknown said...

Your analysis absolutely sucks. This year Brodeur has got to have the worse defensemen in front of him, even worst than when Luongo was on the Panthers. Yet, time and again Brodeur has saved the team. Brodeur clearly is still #1 and Luongo will have to take a back seat til he retires.