Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Early, Folks

Quite a few of the upper-tier goalies are off to relatively slow starts (Luongo, Kiprusoff, Turco, Giguere, Vokoun, among others). The league average save percentage is at .900, compared to last year's average of .909, so across the board goalies have been struggling.

Just a reminder, though, that there are plenty of games left to be played. Before anybody starts making any premature conclusions about goalies this season, keep in mind how the last 3 Vezina Trophy winners started their seasons, and beware the folly of trying to hand out any trophies before Hallowe'en:

Brodeur, 2007-08: 2-6-0, 3.27, .877
Brodeur, 2006-07: 4-4-0, 3.41, .889
Kiprusoff, 2005-06: 3-4-1, 2.99, .899