Friday, March 6, 2009

Brodeur Is No Fraud

Mike Brodeur, that is. The Rochester Americans goalie and Florida Panthers prospect is currently 3rd in the AHL in save percentage, and is having a great season that earned him an invite to the AHL All-Star Game.

He has also already accomplished one thing that Martin Brodeur has never been able to do: Massively outplay his teammates. Check out these stats:

Mike Brodeur: 16-7-3, 2.29, .926
Other goalies: 8-26-2, 3.75, .886

Don't think those other goalies are slouches, either, most of the other games were played by former NHLer Chris Beckford-Tseu (OK, so he played 27 minutes, but he still made it to the show) and 2005 2nd round pick Tyler Plante.

The director of player personnel for the Panthers has been quoted as saying, "This guy is legitimately a prospect for the NHL", so that's good news for Mike. Florida has Vokoun and Anderson both playing well, and top prospect Jacob Markstrom on the way, which will make the path a bit more difficult for the lesser Brodeur but if he keeps up his pace he might just earn an NHL shot.

We wish Mike the best of luck as we have nothing at all against Brodeurs. Martin is a nice guy by pretty much all accounts, except for possibly those of his former in-laws, and Richard had a few decent years as well. We just take issue when people undeservedly call them the greatest of all-time. That is something Mike Brodeur probably doesn't need to worry too much about.


Bruce said...

CG: I'd say the guy who came back from a four month injury to become NHL First Star of the Week by posting, in his first 6 days back, a 4-0-0 record, 1.00 GAA and .960 Sv% including the 99th and 100th shutouts of his career, probably isn't a Fraud either.

Whether he's the best of all time as others (not he) maintain, or "merely" in the top 10 as you admit yourself, the name of your otherwise serious and thought-provoking blog is a joke. I expect it was intended as such, but at this point the joke's on you.

Anonymous said...

aw, now what are you going to do for April 1, huh??

hey, CG, why no post about the goalie disparity in Detroit this year? How easy is it to outplay someone who's just THAT BAD?

Anonymous said...

i love how quick that whole "watching scott clemmenson argue for us" title came down once brodeur stepped in and once again showed why there is nobody even close

Anonymous said...

martys better!

Anonymous said...

He let up 6 today to the AHL Islanders, NJ should put Clemmenson back in.

nu said...

Perhaps the Scott Clemmensen tagline was changed because, uh, Scott Clemmensen...isn't, uh, there anymore?
But that's probably too much logic to get in the way of utter Marty worship.

Anonymous said...

Couple of interesting things while poking around the internets:

Brodeur GAA - 2.14
Clemmensen GAA - 2.39

Brodeur Save % - .918
Clemmensen Save % - .917

Maybe a bit of evidence (albeit small sample-sized) of Marty's stick-handling assisting his goaltending, which looks from this sample to be about .25 GA/G. Considering the similarity of the Save %'s, this suggests less shots taken against Marty, probably the result of his "soft" skills, which looks from this to be about 2 SA/G (without really doing any math). And obviously a better sample would be nice, so we can maybe eliminate some of the effects MB's turdtastic game today. Maybe also looking into another Marty in Dallas to see how that may affect things too?

Statman said...

I think you'd have to compare the teams they have faced, too (as well as shot quality). Playing against stronger offensive teams is going to result in more shots against, so even if goalies have equal SV%'s, one will have a higher GAA than the other.

But yeah, small sample size.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the Scott Clemmensen tagline was changed because, uh, Scott Clemmensen...isn't, uh, there anymore?
But that's probably too much logic to get in the way of utter Marty worship."

you sir, are an idiot. thanks for playing, come again

Anonymous said...

so updating these sqns% stats and whatnot with brodeur, according to hockey numbers, on the year he is at .924 sqns%, not too bad, but also given his .922 raw save %, it would indicated he is also facing higher quality shots than the average goalie, while both of his backups in fact had lower sqns% then their raw save%. coincidentally he is also facing 3 fewer shots per game then both weekes and clemmenson. i guess he is just really lucky?

The Contrarian Goaltender said...

No, I don't think he is lucky. I've already addressed this point a bit, and will focus on it again at the end of the season when we have more data. I think the main reason is that the other teams are testing Clemmensen and Weekes with long shots that they wouldn't bother trying against Brodeur, to see if they can get goals or at least rebounds. That would explain both the high save percentages of Brodeur's backups, the easier shot quality they have faced, and why they are facing the extra shots per game.