Friday, January 26, 2007

Brett Hull on Martin Brodeur

Brett Hull on Martin Brodeur (NBC): “I guarantee he’s averaged less than 20 shots (against) a game.”

Yet again, another Brodeur basher who doesn’t know his numbers. Brodeur has actually faced an average of 25 shots against per game in his career. So there, Golden Brett!

And even though that is less than pretty much all of his contemporaries, and nearly 20% below NHL average, I’m sure Brodeur must just be making shooters miss through the power of his amazing reputation.

And even though several statistical studies have indicated that low total of shots also consisted of less dangerous scoring chances than average, it doesn't matter because Brodeur knows how to make the big, important saves because he is a such a “clutch” player.

And even though Brodeur is mathematically nearly twice as likely to get a shutout facing 25 shots than facing 31 shots (like say, Curtis Joseph’s career average), all his shutouts must show that Brodeur can just win games singlehandedly.

OK, so Hull's numbers were a bit off, but his overall point stands – New Jersey is certainly a very comfortable place to play goal.


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